High Performance: patented technologies with European safety standards
Innovative service concept: remote maintenance using autinity® and Augmented Automation
Unbeatable price-performance ratio: a clear focus on what really counts
Real Customizing: #designyourkimi with a modular selection of options


A machine with real character

Patented technologies with European safety standards


The triple-chamber structure of the cast column, combined with a distinct honeycomb ribbing, guarantee ideal flexural and torsional rigidity, resulting in excellent damping properties second to none in this category of machinery.


The integrated facing slide on the classically designed headstock makes it possible to process large, cylindrical contours. To ensure optimum processing, the synchronous motor offers a wide speed range via a two-phase oil-lubricated gear mechanism. The extreme smoothness and durability of the hydraulically switched gear mechanism are guaranteed by the high-quality hardened, helically toothed gear wheels.


The table plate, with its elaborate, box-shaped ribbing keeps deformation low, even if workpiece loads are high. The ribbing is double-sided to handle high surface loads. The hydraulic clamping of the table plate increases the dynamic rigidity for excellent milling results, even under full load. The high clamping torque is generated on the large diameter of the axial bearing.


To ensure universal use, the KiMi A/B can be equipped with CNC control units made by Heidenhain, Siemens and other companies. A high degree of machining precision and therefore an ideal price-performance ratio is attained by integrating direct measuring systems.


The main bearing of the headstock for classic boring tasks is located at an optimum distance to the main guide of the column. The outstanding rigidity of the main spindle is equally suitable for handling both high machining forces and the high rotation speeds of the power setting of up to 3,000. The switching stages of the robust gear mechanism are monitored by sensors. The injection system lubricating the high-precision gear wheels ensures outstanding durability and thermal stabilisation, even at high rotation speeds.


The excellent properties of the machine are largely based on the solid-cast machine bed. The arrangement of the 2+2 supporting guides ensures that the loads are optimally distributed. The chip conveyor is integrated in the machine bed.

Tech Specs

The inner values

Two genuine types – five models

fixed facing slide

  • When using a facing slide for large boreholes, it is often possible to avoid changing over to different processing heads such as vertical milling heads.
  • Industrial applications: for manufacturing high-pressure fittings and pumps, crude oil processing technology, chemical plant construction.

facing slide

  • For milling and boring tasks that place high demands on the spindle rigidity during extensively cantilevered processing, vertical and universal milling heads and replaceable facing heads are used to perform the wide range of processing tasks required.
  • Industrial applications: construction machinery industry, automotive industry, aeronautical engineering, mould construction, engine manufaturing, etc.

Spindle diametermm110110110110110
Max. spindle powerkW1515151515
Ø facing slidemm-650-650-
Table size W x Lmm900 x 10001250 x 12501250 x 12501250 x 14001250 x 1400
Max. table loadt2.55555
The complete table is available to DOWNLOAD



Customize your KiMi to suit your own needs –
right from the hardware to the look!


Choose from various additional options, including:

  • CNC control unit, such as from Siemens, Heidenhain or Fanuc
  • Spindle power (S1) 15kW / 20kW
  • 130 mm spindle diameter 22kW, 2.000 rpm
  • Internal cooling supply up to 20 bar
  • ATC 24 / 40 / 60 pockets
  • Vertical milling head


Give your KiMi the personal touch and select the colour of your choice from the entire RAL range of colours:

  • To suit your corporate design specifications
  • To match your plant building
  • Simply to suit your taste


Blind faith

Avoid machinery and equipment downtimes as well as
expensive follow-up costs with our three-phase service concept


Monitoring with autinity® CMS

The condition-monitoring system by autinity® is based on the regular and permanent logging of the machine status. This enables us to intervene in the areas of maintenance, repairs, quality assurance, manufacturing and service, to increase the overall efficiency of the machinery and avoid downtimes.


Remote maintenance thanks to Augmented Automation

The use of Smart Glasses and the accompanying video-audio communication enables us to react quickly in tricky situations. Repairs and maintenance tasks can be easily triggered from the central service centre. An innovative concept for the digital age.


On-site service by specialists

When all else fails, you need a partner you can really rely on. Our specialists have clear objectives – to identify the malfunction, to rectify the error and to get your machine running again as soon as possible.


Would you like to find out more?

We have an answer to every question!

Who manufactures the KiMi and where?

The KiMi is manufactured in China by KMTC, a sister company of SCHIESS. KMTC is the leading mechanical engineering company in China and, with the SYMG Group, is one of the top five companies of its type in the world.

What exactly does “powered by SCHIESS” mean?

SCHIESS is the sales and service partner for the KiMi in Europe and, with its resources and its 150 years of experience, is there to provide its customers with ideal support.

Is the KiMi in stock?

The KiMi isn’t currently in stock. However, the objective is to have it in stock from the spring of 2018 so that it can be delivered within a short time.

Do I automatically receive a pair of Smart Glasses when I buy a machine?

Yes, every purchaser of a KiMi machine receives a pair of Smart Glasses to carry out our remote maintenance using Augmented Automation. Support via Smart Glasses is included for one year.

So how exactly does autinity® work?

SCHIESS has been successfully using the autinity® solution in its machines for many years now. The solution comprises a mini PC, which is integrated in the electrical switching cabinet where it collects the data from the various sensors. This data can be read out if required, to provide a faster error analysis.


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